Dr. Brabson. Dr. Toney, and Women's Health Nurse Practitioner Leslie Piety Stone all see new patients.

When you call the office, usually you will talk to Andrea or April. They will make your appointment or direct your call to Denise or Maggie who are trained to answer many of your medical questions. Billing and insurance questions are answered by Courtney or Chrissy. Denise Davis is our Office Manager.

When you visit our office, you will get to meet Maggie, Denise, Kim, Stephanie, or Amanda who will prepare you to be seen by Dr. Brabson, Dr. Toney, or Leslie.

For information about our Certified Nurse Midwives Blair Hicks, Sarah Key, Laura Pohl, or Adriana Matos Stiles, see  www.stmarysbirth.net

Bobbie van Rijn and Heather Perkins are our OBGYN Certified Sonographers. They have many years of experience.  

If you call after hours, the answering service will contact the Midwife or doctor on call. You may be called back by them directly or your call may be directed to the physician on call. Often times you will talk to Gail who is an RN and Dr. Brabson's wife.

Leonard Brabson MD For more information click here

Leslie Stone NP is a Knoxvillian who graduated from Maryville College and received her Nurse Practitioner degree from Vanderbilt. She is certified in OBGYN. She served as a Captain in the Air Force.