Dr. Brabson is now the Medical Director of the midwives of St. Mary's Birth & Midwifery Center. Currently there are eight CNMs (Certified Nurse Midwives) seeing patients and delivering babies at the Women's Pavilion. The Women's Pavilion is a free standing birthing center on the campus of Physicians Regional Medical Center - Tennova (formerly known as St. Mary's and Mercy Hospital). The Women's Pavilion offers birth in a natural, home like setting. Alternatively, labor & delivery with medication and/or epidural is available. Also, if needed, the full services of the hospital and intensive care nursery are immediately available.

Our Midwives are Manola McCain, Blair Hicks, Sarah Key, Hannah Proctor, Chris Bottoms, Kelly Ostrowski, Laura Pohl, and Adriana Matos Stiles. 

The Certifed Nurse Midwives practice a full scope of midwifery including antepartum care and delivery. Please visit their web site for more information. www.stmarysbirth.net.